Protecting Marine Resources

  1. What role does the marine wildlife and nature play in your life? The role marine wildlife and nature plays in my life is seeing a different part of how other things live on this Earth. Just to try and understand and interact with the marine nature is really interesting. I like to snorkel and scuba dive, so marine life has a huge impact on my life, being able to swim with different types of creatures and seeing how they life. Knowing that most of them are harmless creatures, it is easier to adapt to their environment. Marine life is also a very beautiful thing, it is important to our ecosystem, and also important to me. Seeing different types of creatures that are in danger, makes me want to help even more, and enforce others the help.
  2. How does the use of marine resources impact you on a personal level? Marine resources impact me on a personal level, because I love to swim with marine life and study it. I am constantly on water, whether it be a boat, surfboard, jet ski, or just swimming in the ocean, I am constantly interacting with marine resources. Also, marine resources give us different things to eat, trying new things to eat is also very important to me. It impacts me when I see marine life being in danger, because I wonder how us human would feel if that was us. We sometimes hurt these animals without even knowing for our pleasure to have shows, make money, and have fun, but it is not fun and games for these animals. They do not want to be kept up in a small space just for us humans to go see them.
  3. Specifically, what new thoughts do you have about marine resources and the way they are used by people? The new thoughts I have on marine resources are, they are being over used. It is not fair to these animals how people take them out of their environment and use them for show, make them do tricks, don’t feed them as much as they should be, and kept in such a small space for their life without having the whole open ocean to roam around in. They way humans interact with these marine resources is unfair, and should only be allowed to visit them when only when in their natural environment. These creatures are very unique and special to everyone, so we as humans need to take care of them and help them as much as we can.

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